Nabi Nara

in Berlin
  • At Korean Braodcasting System KBS 
showing the videos taken in Switzerland during the resdency in Villa Ruffieux. Merci.
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  • we-are-etaw:

pistol1 (everybody stay calm).

how about this gun from Berlin Neukölln.
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  • with Andy. In Seoul, S. Korea. Hongdae, just in front of Seokyo Art Center. KEAF 12. 
photo : Frederic Krauke
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  • Impressions of a Performance Art Park: Location, Audience, and Context,a perspective from the inside.- by philip kevin brehse



    A Spring afternoon in the Life of the MPA-B 2014

    During my performance, ‘Unfinished Business,’ I had the provocative idea to write about this event myself, although I was performing. I realized that I had the best position to see and feel everything that was happening during these three gentle but intensive hours; extreme observation – telepathic signalling. This is my neighbourhood, my Saturday market, I sit in this church sometimes to hide and think and the shoppers and café´ visitors faces are often familiar, occasionally old friends pass by, and am enjoying sharing it with international performance guests. 

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  • It was great fun yesterday in Blo Atelier, Berlin
photo : julian Roncal
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  • Das siehst du nicht mehr.
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  • attachment
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  • timetravelerki asked : Das wär eigentlich kein Problem, ich will eigentlich gar nicht selber vor der Kamera stehen (Kamerascheu). Kann ich Dich mal frech anhauen, wenn ich mal n gutes Lied fertigkrieg? ^^

    JAää Gerne, *’* Man muss nicht unbedingt vor der Kamera stehen. Es gibts viel zu viel zu aufnehmen außer Mensch.

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